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Manisha - The Immortal

There are thousands of children found lying on the roads and pavements, craving for help, love and warmth.

Manisha Mandir, a home that responds to the peas of little orphan and abandoned girls was founded by Dr. Sarojini Agrawal, a mother who could: “visualize thousands of Kids in need of maternal care and love”.

In these orphans, Dr. Sarojini used to see her little daughter Manisha, who died on 01-04-1978, in a strategic road accident. The loss shocked Dr. Sarojini. However, the personal trauma brought with it a profound realization of duty. This was the genesis of Manisha Mandir a home for destitute Balikas

for such a noble cause of bringing up the uncared distitute girls, Manisha's spirit lives on and is became immortal!

Dr. Sarojini Agrawal, the founder is a versatile personality. She is an accomplished poetess, having more than 26 books to her credit. For initial 4 years Dr. Sarojini had to struggle very hard. She cares for the children and nurtures them with boundless love herself. The Ashram is an abode of joy . Which provides them shelter and has brought them immense happiness and peace & safety .

In july, 1992, Manisha Mandir ashram was shifted to the new premises and was inaugurated by Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee, Hon’ble former Prime minister of India on Manisha jayanti 24 September 1992. Dr. Sarojini believed that education for the girls in one of the best public schools was the key to their good upbringing. She visualised them to be independent girls who could make a significant contribution to the society and their country. It was not an easy task, But she did it.

The girls love her and call her "mummy". They all are well behaved, disciplined and courteous. The credit goes to Dr. Sarojini, who is their strength and support.

Today, Dr. Sarojini is above 78 years of age, and has raised more than 700 daughters in the mandir. Being a mother, having great virtuous capacity this maa Dr. Sarojini by her boundless love and affection has brought up the little girls with immense sacrifice and courage . This shows the hard work that Dr.Sarojini has put into their upbringing.

Girls over eight years learn to help themselves, to keep clean their home, making their own meals and managing other chores. This independence has imbibed in them confidence and responsibility .

Dr. Sarojini's life is engulfed with these children and undoubtedly, words fall short for the sea of motherhood she has in her heart.

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  Manisha Mandir
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