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Mother  (Dr. Sarojini Agrawal)

In the faces of these orphaned girls. Dr.Sarojini rediscovers the face of the eight year old daughter - Manishashe felt a voice from her aching void told her "why do you cry You won't get Manisha back by crying. Open your eyes and look there are so many unfortunate girls who do not have any body to call their own. Make them all your Manishas, Manisha died but her spirits lives on". I think it was God plan. God wanted me to be mother of these children.

Today, Dr.Sarojini is 78 and about 700 children has been raised by her in the Mandir. And remember raising means not just providing shelter, clothes and food but something beyond that: unlimited affection and all that a mother can possibly do. She has ensured girls overall development, their education and most importantly assured independence, says Dr.Sarojini," I want the girls to stand on their own feet. Initially, I had no housekeeper but I have employed two ladies now because the girls are growing up and their has to be someone around who had constantly to see their requirements. Dr.Sarojini herself lives with her retired husband in a single room within the 30,000 square feet compound of this Ashram looking after the kids. The environment is peaceful and serene, abundant greenery and plantation. There are liabrary, computer labs, three halls for circular activities, two vast (big) dormitories, lovely trees, garden,basketball and a badminton court on the premises, where the children free to play. Seeing Dr.Sarojini play with the girls is a joy undefinable. Undoubtedly, words fall short for the sea of motherhood that the lady has in her heart.

All the girls call her mummy. And presently, Dr.Sarojini is mummy to so many motherless girls. The youngest is the sweet Jyoti and the eldest forever smiling Dimple Bhartiy. All the girls are well behaved, disciplined and courteous. This goes to show the hardwork that Dr.Sarojini has put in to their upbringing. Dr.Sarojini expains."I tend to girls only because they are the pillars of the society. A good society needs good mothers. The numbers of girls keep on increasing and decreasing.

Dr.Sarojini's day began at 5 and ends at 12. The lady has incredible energy and stamina. She is going on tirelessly to see their dream fulfilled. The dream to see all her girls grow in to sensible, mature, independent and cheerful young ladies. Exaggeration a part, Dr.Sarojini is truly like that "Baati" (wick) which burns itself but illuminates the life of others. She is undoubtedly brightening the lives of these girls.She says I do not worry at all I believe that God has helped me all the away and he will help me in the future too .
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