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There are so many destitute girls in our society who for want of proper protection and guidance are forced to lead a miserable life.When Dr. Sarojini Agrawal lost her eight-year daughter Manisha in a hit and run road accident, although, she was shocked by the loss of her beloved daughter, she made up her mind to start a home 'Manisha Mandir' for the orphan , destitute helpless girls to provide protection love and motherly care.

In the beginning there was a lot of hassle, teething troubles of space, finance and helping hands. At the same time Dr. Sarojini had the responsibility of a family (Having Er.Husband, three sons aged 8, 13 and 15 years), while she was going through a state of shock. Manisha Mandir finally took shape on 24 sep 1984 on Manisha's birthday.

Ever since, the ashram (Manisha Mandir) has been catering to the needs and requirements of the destitute girls. These girls are not just provided shelter, clothing and food by Sarojini but also limitless love, warmth and all that a mother can possibly give. Her aim was to ensured the girls, over all confidence and self-dependence. She made up her mind:
  1. To make provision for their lodging, food and other daily requirements.
  2. To impart training and education in their upliftment according to ethical values and culture.
  3. To train them in various arts and crafts and provide them knowledge of technical and professional subjects.
  4. To guide them to make them self-reliant in their lives and to get them married with suitable persons as they desire or to help them choosing independent jobs for their livelihood.
  5. To undertake any other work which may found suitable for the welfare of these wretched girls.
It was not an easy journey for Dr. Agrawal, a PhD and an eminent writer. She advertised in newspapers and magazines urging people to admit orphan girls under the age of 10 at Manisha Mandir. Slowly the number of girls increased. Till date more than 700 destitute girls got shelter in this Ashram. They are all like Manisha's for Dr. Sarojini. Manisha Mandir is not an orphanage, but a home where they get all that a real mother can give to her daughters.time to time the number of girls differ it remains between 50 to 30, At present, there are about 32 girls residing in Manisha Mandir aged between 5 to 18 years. The girls live together as a part of a huge family, where Dr. Agrawal is the mummy and her husband, Mr. V.C. Agrawal, a retired engineer, the papa. The girls have a common surname, Bhartiy, which binds them into a family bond. They live together, play, fight and learn to lead a happy & prosperous life.
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